Le CILSS, un autre Sahel est possible


Le CILSS appuie la mise en place du Système d’Alerte Précoce du Nigéria (SAP)


Nigeria hosts workshop to implement EWS

To effectively respond to food crises in West Africa, ECOWAS, with
technical support from the Permanent Inter-State Committee for
Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) have encouraged the
implementation of early warning systems in all of the countries in the region. In
line with this, Nigeria has just taken a step further toward establishing a
reliable and sustainable information system to better prevent serious food and
nutrition crises in the country.

The effort undertaken this week aims to nalize a clear roadmap for setting up
an Early Warning System (EWS) on food and nutrition security in Nigeria. This
EWS is envisioned to be a timely monitoring system that follows information
on markets, crop production, household livelihoods, nutritional status, as well
as information on shocks and risks, such as oods, droughts, diseases,
earthquakes, etc., which could threaten household food security. Thorough
analysis of the multi-sectoral information gathered is then meant to provide
alerts to decision-makers so that they may adequately mitigate the threat and
save lives.


 CILSS Pamphlet-Summarised_EWS NIGERIA